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Posted by Pat Baker on 9/23/2017

Little beats a breathtaking outdoor view. In fact, you may have bought your house because of where itís located. Large, bay windows and wide sliding doors are just two ways that you could enjoy observing nature without stepping outside.

Fantastic outdoor living options

An outdoor patio offers an excellent opportunity to take in nature. If youíre an interior design traditionalist, think outside the box on this one. Decorate your patio with a two or three-seater sofa, coffee table and end tables, similar to how you would a small indoor living room. Live in an area that enjoys cold temperatures or snow? Encase your patio in plexiglass.

Build large columns at the sides of your front walkway. Another option is to lay light brown or reddish brown cobblestone up your front walkway. Use the space for entertaining or for enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice as you survey your surroundings during the early morning.

Gardens filled with a wide assortment of tall flowers and plants break down the separation between your property and the larger outdoors. Gardens are also good because they inspire you to get outside, put your hands in the earth and help cultivate increase. Grow flowers and plants along the sides and back edge of your yard. It will serve as a gorgeous natural fence. Flowers growing in three to four large clusters in your back yard are a welcomed sight as well. Let your creativity flow. For example, if you love birds, consider placing a marble birdbath in the center of your back yard near a tree.

Donít stop with a garden. Opt for a kitchen or a den that is bordered in rows of windows. Install windows from the ceiling to the floor. Have them wrap around an entire side of your kitchen, making it easy for you to see across the back of your property for acres. Get maximum outdoor exposure by placing your kitchen island, sink and stove on the floor so that they face the windows.

More ways to bring gorgeous outdoor views into your home include opting for a home that has a bathroom window. You can get added privacy by placing the window up high enough so that no one can see inside the bathroom from outside your home.

Go for houses that have tennis courts and a swimming pool. Give yourself reasons to get outdoors. You donít need a large budget to do this. For example, instead of buying expensive porch or patio furniture, get two colorful chairs from a local housing goods store. The aim is to soak in as many natural views and outdoor experiences as you can.

Of course,the best way to enjoy beautiful, natural views at home is to buy a house thatís located near a river, lake, gurgling stream, woods, desert plain, mountains or canyon. These settings offer amazing year round natural views. Houses in these types of breathtaking settings tend to also be pricey, for the views alone. But,all is not lost. You can cut down on these housing costs by bringing Mother Nature to you.

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Posted by Pat Baker on 9/18/2017

There can come a time when renting no longer makes good sense. If you've been renting for several years, it could be tough to identify when that time has arrived. You could get comfortable knowing that you don't have to concern yourself with paying for maintenance or repairs at your property.

Low to no home maintenance costs might notbe enough to make renting make sense

However, even if you have a good landlord, if you rent long enough, you could end up spending more money on a property that you may never own than you would spend if you bought a house. If you're on the fence about whether you should keep renting or do something new and buy your own property, here are four signs that you may want to consider. Spot these four signs in your current rental arrangement and it might be time to stop renting:

  • Landlord raises rent each year - Should a landlord raise your rent a few dollars a year, it might make sense to stay at a rental property for a few years, if you're truly not ready to buy. However, if a landlord raises your rent by $50 or more a month, it might be good to start looking for a house to own.
  • Tenants are vacating at rapid speed - When other tenants start vacating a rental property, it could be a sign that rents have skyrocketed. It could also be a sign that there are issues with landlord behavior, un-kept promises and late repairs.
  • Construction is increasing - Homeowners can band together to speak out against expanding construction work like new malls, casinos and hotels going up in the area. Apartment renters may not have this same leverage. Expanding construction can attract noise, traffic and behaviors that you may not want.
  • Property decline - Bad landlords can let rental properties decline. Age is another reason why rental properties decline. While living in declining rental properties, you might be forced to deal with ongoing leaks, pests, holes in walls and sagging floor tiles, just to name a few of the annoyances that you might be left to deal with.

Renting may not make good long term financial sense

Renting can protect you from expensive home repairs, the types of home repairs that could cost you the money that you had budgeted for a new car, home upgrade or college education. That can happen whether you rent short or long term.

However, long term renting can also find you spending $100 or more a month on a rental property, a home that you might never own outright, than you would spend on a mortgage and home maintenance and repairs. As a long term renter, years could pass before you notice what's happening.

By the time you realize what you're doing, you might have invested thousands of dollars in a temporary home. That's why it's important to spot the signs that renting may no longer make good financial sense early.

You'll have to move away from comfort for awhile as you relinquish the idea of renting. But, just as you grew accustomed to renting, you could start feeling comfortable owning a property. You might also start to accept that owning property allows you to build equity. It's this type of equity that you can keep in your family. Property is also the type of equity that can position you for other loans like auto and business loans.

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Posted by Pat Baker on 9/8/2017

Let's face it Ė the thought of entering the home selling market can be stressful, even if you don't plan to put your house on the market for several weeks or months. However, there are many simple ways to ensure you can enjoy a fun, exciting and successful home selling journey.

Now, let's take a look at three tips that you can use to kick off an unforgettable home selling journey.

1. Examine Your Home's Interior and Exterior

How will a potential homebuyer view your residence when he or she sees it for the first time? This is a question that you'll want to consider closely, as a homebuyer's first impression of your residence may dictate whether he or she moves forward with an offer.

Take a close look at your house's interior and exterior from a homebuyer's perspective. If home improvements are necessary, now may be the ideal time to complete these tasks. That way, you can enhance your house's interior and exterior before you add your residence to the real estate market.

Also, a home appraisal may help you identify problem areas with your residence. This appraisal enables a property inspector to examine your residence from top to bottom and can help you better understand your house's strengths and weaknesses.

2. Declutter Your Residence

Unfortunately, clutter can accumulate in a home over an extended period of time. But if you start decluttering your home today, you may be able to avoid the stress of cleaning out your residence as you get closer to adding your home to the housing market.

To declutter effectively, consider items that you need to keep and store them safely. Then, take the items that you no longer require and consider all of your options to get rid of them quickly and safely.

In many instances, you can sell excess items or donate them to charity. Or, you can always offer these items to family members and friends as well.

3. Meet with a Real Estate Agent

What does it take to get your house ready for the real estate market? Meet with a real estate agent, and you can learn everything you'll need to know about selling a house.

A real estate agent understands the ins and outs of the real estate market. As such, he or she can answer any questions that you may have about the home selling journey and help you plan accordingly.

In addition, after you list your residence, your real estate agent will streamline the home selling cycle. This housing market professional will set up home showings and open houses, promote your residence to large groups of potential buyers and much more. By doing so, your real estate agent will do everything possible to help you maximize the value of your residence.

When it comes to getting ready to sell your home, there is no need to worry. Instead, use the aforementioned tips, and you'll be able to enjoy a memorable home selling journey.

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Posted by Pat Baker on 9/1/2017

Welcome to my new series, Pat Baker - Dream Home Maker, where I will be sharing real estate stories about†my clients fulfilling their real estate home dreams!

Posted by Pat Baker on 9/1/2017

This Condo in Natick, MA recently sold for $535,000. This Townhouse style home was sold by Pat Baker - REALTY EXECUTIVES Boston West.

36 North Main St., Natick, MA 01760


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
This beautiful & sophisticated townhouse is the perfect choice located "in the village" of Natick. This home includes a gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops, hardwood on the first floor, large living room, sliders to balcony, both bedroom suites with full baths plus a half bath. The third floor is flexible and could be a bedroom or very large family room. Finished 3rd floor can be used as media room, playroom, library, office, guest room, exercise room or art studio Lots of storage space. Over-sized garage. Just 3 blocks to train and town center shopping, restaurants & .3 miles to the Boston Commuter train.

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